A Few Questions Answered

A few simple questions answered about Live Casino TV games.

How much money do I need to get started?

For those on a tight budget free play is widespread and highly recommended. It is possible to take advantage of the live casino new offers to brand new members including no deposit bonuses and referral bonuses to start you off, some even offer referral bonuses as well as rewarding frequent heavy betting. Many sites do have a minimum requirement to get playing for cash, this is usually somewhere between 20 to 50 dollars. Rules vary along with betting limits etc from site to site.

Are my financial details safe?

Recent scares have made people understandably wary of handing over their bank details and other sensitive information when online. However like all websites, which handle information of this kind, they are. Live television casino websites are reviewed regularly and have to comply with UK gambling laws, however if you are still unsure then the best way to avoid being conned is to do your research before handing over your money.

Can another member of my household also sign up to the same casino?

Casinos usually limit membership to one per house or ip address (computer) so if another occupant wants to sign up at the same live casino they will have to use another computer or laptop to do so. One or more people sharing an account is not recommended due to the financial problems that could arise.

How can I keep track of my money?

Some use a calculator and a piece of paper however many live casino sites will do this for you. Check the sites you use regularly to see what they offer. Keeping track of your finances is very important to ensure you dont exceed your limits.

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