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What are live dealer casinos?

When casinos were first opened there were only a handful of cities around the world that had them. Gradually casinos spread to other countries and cities and more and more people wanted to play the games and enjoy themselves. Las Vegas in the USA and Monte Carlo in Monaco became the hotbeds for casino lovers worldwide. But soon the casinos realized that they needed to do something to tap a much larger market.

This gave birth to the concept of online casinos, casinos that can be accessed from anywhere. More people now logged into their online casino accounts and started playing games online. The online casinos invested in excellent GUI and software applications that made people feel as if they were sitting in actual casinos. With attractive payouts these casinos made more people play for longer hours. But soon people realized that the magic of a brick and mortar casino cannot be matched by an online casino. And in any case, online casinos were banned in the USA, the world’s largest casino market.

This further brought forth the concept of live dealer online casinos. One could now play an actual casino game conducted by a live dealer. What was missing in online casinos was fulfilled by live dealer online casinos.

Let us say you want to play a game of roulette but don’t have the time to visit a brick and mortar casino. You don’t want to play in an online casino because you don’t get the feel of an actual casino. So what you need to do is opt for a live dealer casino. Some of the online casinos have their studios from where they telecast live roulette games. Although you still sit at home playing roulette you at least know that the games are being conducted by a real human being. This is what live dealer online casinos are.

Online casinos that offer live dealer games have tie-ups with various Live casino TV channels that broadcast these games. Some of the casinos even have their own channels where these games are telecast live and some of them have these games running 24×7. There are beautiful presenters that manage these games and the experience is rather excellent. And the fact that the names of the winners are announced on national TV is a further bonus.

Experience live dealer online casinos and you will get the next best experience to an actual casino. This is for sure.

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