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Real Casino Vs Live Casino TV

Gambling is fun if you are playing within your limits. It has its origin from the ancient times and there are many interesting stories regarding the darker side of the gambling. Gambling though is dangerous if you play irresponsibly, could be a lot of fun and pure entertainment if you are a disciplined player. As people realized the potential of gambling they tried to get it organized into a money making venture. Thus the idea of casino was introduced. It soon became popular with people because most of them thought of it as a pleasant way to pass an evening. There were others who took it up as a profession.

Land-based casinos gave opportunity to people to go to a particular place and play a game of poker or roulette and enjoy themselves. Here they would always find people to play with. Many big cities in the world have casinos which are doing very profitable business and they are legal. With the coming of internet every business venture started taking the advantage of it to popularize their products and services. The land-based casinos and other enterprising people felt that they should take advantage of the internet too. Thus the online games were introduced which became hugely popular.

Few years back another innovation was brought into online gambling- live casino TV. With this you could not only play the games online but you could see it happening right in front of your eyes through television or video streamed through the internet to your computer. The difference between the conventional real casino and live casino TV online is that in a land based casino you are playing the game physically being present in one of the casinos but here you are playing the same game in font of your computer or TV.

live casino TV has the game brought to you live with the dealer managing the game and doing every thing what a dealer in a land based casino would do. Take roulette for instance- you can see the wheel spin; chips are placed on the table; winning is announced by the croupier and payoffs are made.

All this you are experiencing sitting at home in comfort without having to getting dressed and go hunting for a land based casino of your choice to play a game of roulette.

In a traditional casino you can’t go and just watch the game to learn it. On live casino TV you can just watch others playing while you don’t need to bet yourself. If you want to play you can start with free games which many websites are offering. You can also play very small bets if you wish. Unlike land based real casinos live casinos offer many bonuses for their players which makes live casino TV more exciting than conventional casino.

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